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Yesterday we discussed trademarks, copyrights and licensing rules/laws, etc. and then we did some experimenting with some basic open source communication tools.  I’m still new at this so am still formulating ideas of how to incorporate this information for my classes.  Maybe with more information the rest of the week, I’ll have some better ideas.  Time to stop and start the class now.  This is my 2 minute blog.

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Hello world


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Librarians Do GaGa!

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Colie’s Cafe

Colie’s Café

There are three locations for the Rochester area Colie’s Café: 1) Park Ave, 2) Pittsford Mall and 3) Eastview Mall (in the food court). The beginnibowl of chili soupng of this year, the owner decided to leave the California Kitchen franchise and start out on her own, hence the name change. Colie is the name of her grandfather.

The three cafes are very popular – especially with the movie bunch at Pittsford Plaza. You can get eggs, soups, sandwiches and salads. You place your order and give a name – I like the name Zsa Zsa – and pick it up when ready. The food is fresh and made to order. I especially liked the purple and red corn chips that come with the sandwiches.

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Xerox Call Center

I read in today’s paper that Xerox will be hiring 500 people to fill positions in a new call center in Rochester. The center will be housed in one of the Xerox buildings in Webster.

I know several Xerox retirees (many, along with Kodak retirees, started the Rochester Professional Consultants Network) who are very excited about this news. According to the paper, Xerox will be hiring former employees, people who have the knowledge and skill to work a help desk.

This is especially good news and news that Rochester needs after learning earlier this week that Kodak filed for bankruptcy.

What do you think about the new call center? Do you know anyone who will be applying for a job at the call center?

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The Middle

The Middle

Do you watch The Middle? It is on ABC on Wednesday nights, 8 pm EST. A 30 minute comedy, it features the Hecks. Frankie is the mom and Mike is the dad. They have three kids:  1) oldest jock and inconsiderate kid Axel (the Axman!), 2) middle girl tries-to-be-popular-but-just-can’t-make-it Sue and 3) the youngest, and cutest, odd ball, nose-in-the-book Brick.  (BTW, I have a cousin with red hair who we called Brick when he was growing up.)

Their house is a wreck. Dinner consists of take outs. And most nights they are couch potatoes watching tv. But every week they get into some kind of trouble. One of my favorites was when they left on vacation and asked their neighbors to watch the house. They got a call from the neighbors saying their house had been robbed. They rushed home only to find that the house was the mess that they left it. Of course the neighbors had seen the mess and assumed that they had been robbed.

So for the rest of the episode Frankie decides that they have to clean up and throw things away. Of course they can’t do either of these tasks.

Do you watch The Middle? If so, what’s your favorite episode?

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Welcome to my first blog post – kb

There are three things I hope to accomplish:

  1. Be informative
  2. Be witty
  3. Be right!
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